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What is Shiny 9?

We’re a web development shop based out of Las Vegas. We build WordPress websites for small- to mid-sized businesses.

No, I mean what does your name mean? What is a Shiny 9?

It’s not a what so much as a who. The name is a homage to Firefly, a TV show from 2002, and from the subsequent movie Serenity (affectionately known as the “Big Damn Movie” by the show’s fans). The phrase “the shiny nine” came from James Hance, an artist who creates fan art for many different shows and genres.

Shiny 9 Web Design is in no way affiliated with either 20th Century Fox or with James Hance.

(Nota bene:  We are also not affiliated with the ZZ Top song “Big Shiny Nine,” which is probably about a 9mm pistol, but might be about…well, let’s just assume it’s about a pistol.)