WordCamp Las Vegas 2014 - Rosario Grajales

Speaker Spotlight: Rosario Grajales

WordCamp Las Vegas 2014 - Rosario GrajalesSession: Taking Your Blog Global: First Conquer Locally then Dominate the World
Track: Sunday Workshop
Time: Sunday, December 14, 9:00 AM

Along with Charlie Bass and Scott Roeben, Rosario Grajales is a panelist on the Taking Your Blog Global: First Conquer Locally then Dominate the World panel. Our three panelists describe their session as:

Most of us have a simple goal for our blog:

starting small and blowing up big!

Of course we all know its not that simple…BUT it can be done through amazing content, personal branding, strategic marketing, and relationship-building.

It’s all about blogging with a purpose. Laying the groundwork, starting modestly with small, attainable goals, content generation, marketing and networking, and cross-pollination with other audiences. Lather, rinse, repeat.

About Rosario Grajales:
Rosario was born in the Republic of Panama, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Columbus University in Panama. She moved to Las Vegas in 2008 where she has been involved with the Hispanic community, focusing on communications: commercials, hosting shows and events, journalism, and serving as a media and marketing adviser. She fell in love with journalism at age 13 and decided her goal would be to make it her profession.

Rosario was a news anchor in her country of Panama.

She runs two websites:

Rosario interviews artists, celebrities, and important national and international figures locally here in Las Vegas as well as from Panama and from all around the world.

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