Meet the Organizers

Eleanor Prior, Social Media Coordinator

Wife to McDreamy and Crazy Lady to the Yours, Mine and Ours blended family of 5 kids. In addition to freelancing from home as a Social Media Marketing / Virtual Events Specialist that Geeks on Internet / Affiliate Marketing, she’s a loyal die-hard fanatic! It’s all about multiple streams of income with her.

Eleanor likes to enjoy a good glass of wine or cup of coffee (quite possibly in that order), and she gets her social groove on via @TheLVTweetup.

Chris Rogers, Facility Coordinator

Chris is the Owner/Operator of CHRMEDIA where they build presentations, edit video, create motion grafix … and mix a mean martini. While pursuing his acting career in LA, he got the chance to go back to school and got a degree in MultiMedia from West LA College. His clients include: Google, Keller Williams Realty and Dreamworks/SKG.

Robert Gillmer, Webmaster

My name is Robert Gillmer, and I’m a WordPressaholic. Yup, that’s right, I’m addicted to WordPressahol. I’ve been building websites for three and a half years now, and have been using WordPress to do so for 3 years and 25 weeks. (Don’t hold that against me.) For those that know the release schedule, Thelonious introduced me to WordPress.

Billie Hillier, User & Business Track Coordinator

Billie Hillier is a solutions consultant, event producer, and educator.

Looking back I think I have been using and recommending WordPress to clients for almost (or over) a decade. I love the flexibility WP offers users and control users have with owning their site.

Being passionate about all things related to online marketing and  WordPress being a huge component of a successful online presence, I am always trying to help others make the most of the WordPress site for their business goals.

Andrew DiMino, Lead Organizer

Andrew DiMino is the Publisher, President and Founder of CarbSmart, Inc., publisher of

For 14 years I ran multiple online stores selling sugar free and gluten free foods. I used to enjoy my mission of helping those people that want to get healthier with foods that are right for their metabolism/body type until competing against HUMONGOUS online retailers that did more sales in 3 hours than I did in a year (you know who I mean) took the fun of growing my business from scratch. Thankfully from day one, having a content creation strategy that included a section of my web sites dedicated to educating and informing my customers about their chosen lifestyle through articles and informational guides set me up for an awesome transition in 2012.

After I closed the online stores, I focused my attention to serving my target audience by publishing a mulit-author online magazine and gluten free & low carb books and cookbooks. WordPress gives me the freedom to reach my target audience with a platform that is easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to add content to. And for the little bit of eCommerce I still do, fuhgettaboutit!

Russell Aaron, Developer & Designer Track Coordinator

Oh Hello, I didn’t see you there. I’m Russ. I run a small little thing called Geek Street WP. I am a Speaker, organizer and presenter at WordCamps and Las Vegas WordPress Meet Up Group. I am a Fan of WordPress, first and foremost. I also became the creative director for Valley West Mortgage